The Ranking of the Best SUNO Blouses for Contemporary Women Will Blow Your Mind

Blouses and shirts for women seem to be all the same and generic but not with the SUNO label. You’ll find the most vibrant and bold color palettes and designs that are inspired by the Kenyan Kangas. Brand founder Max Osterweis with this fashion designer partner Erin Beaty creates the best collection of shirts and blouses for the contemporary women. These women do not fear of being different, of standing out in the crowd, and of being unique in their own way. These are independent and confident women that would surely rock every garment piece they wear from the collection.


Great Collections of SUNO Blouses

The blouses and shirts from the luxury lifestyle brand for women are as diverse and radical as the brand’s inspiration and rich aesthetic background. The pieces are diverse and versatile so that you can mix and match and blend them with other garments, whether it is for a casual look, a layered ensemble, and anything in betwee

Here are some of the top pieces for the SUNO blouse and shirt collection:

Tie Waist Top

If you want something with an oriental twist, this is the best selection for you. The optional sash is what gives it a kimono look, together with the kimono sleeves that create a dramatic flair. It also highlights the scoop neckline, while the sash that cinches the waist completes the unique and sassy finish. This is a poplin shirting type made from 100% cotton fabric materials. The USA-made blouse is a remarkable addition to your wardrobe collection, making a versatile piece that goes with different garments from skirts to shorts to pants and anything you wish to blend it with.

Scarf Tie Shirt

This blouse is the closest you can get for an exciting vibrant piece with a classic, retro detailing. The scarf ties that is apparently embellishing the neckline give the blouse a dainty, soft, and timeless finish as the fine shirting in pale blue palette is also made from luxuriously soft 100% cotton fabric materials. It is a semi-sheer long sleeved blouse with button placket that blends great with other garments of choice. You can use it for casual attires or a more formal occasion that calls for something feminine and structured without losing the uniqueness of your personality. The youthful blouse is sure to pop out in the crowd.


Plaid Tie Neck Shirt

With the same tie neck design, this SUNO cream and blue plaid crisp, fine shirting is a must-have for all women that want to maintain their individuality. The blouse is made from wool-silk fabric materials with the thick tie knot that accentuates the neckline. The long sleeved, semi-sheer blouse highlights the button placket detailing to finish the casual to formal wear piece.

SUNO gives you a great collection of blouses and shirts that are too exciting and bold to ignore. Get the spotlight without any effort when you sport a blouse or two from the collection. The label is definitely what every confident and independent woman would wear.